Monday, April 26, 2010

-ApRiL fOoLs-

I had the funniest thing happen to me in the salon the other day and I HAD to share my little story. I hope you get a kick out of it as much as I did :)

The other day this little boy name Austin came in with his dad for a haircut. I usually don't like cutting little kids hair because they move around so much and cry when you turn the clippers on. When Austin sat down he was SO good! He didn't move, and he was so good to do what I asked him. We talked about his race cars and how his little sister cried... ALOT! I really had fun with him! I was almost finished cutting the top of his head when all of a sudden he started SCREAMING. Seriously, it sounded like I shot the kid. Everyone in the salon was staring at me like 'Kels what the heck did you do?!' His dad came over from his chair and asked what happened and I seriously had no idea. I went up to the front of the chair and knelt by him and said "Hey buddy, did I hurt you? What's wrong?" Then all of a sudden he started laughing hysterically! He said. "I just wanted to trick ya! April Fools!" Funny thing was... it wasn't April fools!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

*What can I say?!

I've decided... I'm not very good at this blog thing. So quick update for the months I've missed!... I do hate to inform that not too much has happened so this won't be a very long post! Lucky for you!!!

Anyway! Things finally seemed to calm down after Daniel's wedding and life got back to normal for the most part. I was just finishing up school at Paul Mitchell and getting ready to start BYU-I, Chris was getting ready to move to Boise, Melissa got a job at a salon, Daniel was getting ready to start school, and Jon brought home a state championship for football!, life was great! We had an amazing Christmas with the family when Sarah and Steve sat us all down for some BIG news. They had my parents open up a package with a Christmas Ornament of a baby. We were all confused because Sarah had told us just days before there was NO way she was pregnant.... But she lied!! Her eggo is prego! We are all excited for the parents to be!! She's having a little girl in August! (We actually don't know if it's a girl yet, but trust me... it is. She finds out for sure this week!)

In January I FINALLY finished at Paul Mitchell!!! It felt so good to be done! But there was no time for celebration because I started BYU-I a few days before. It was killer! BYU-I was not the place for me. After enrolling in school EVERYTHING seemed to go extremely wrong. Bad timing or something, anyway after living the crazy life for a month there was no way I could finish out the semester so I withdrew and will go back in the fall! I love it in Rexburg, and really I love the school but for one reason or another I was not suppose to be there haha. So I moved back home to the good ol' Blackfoot with the family. The plan was to just chill for a couple months and do a whole lot of nothing. Wasn't the plan for my parents. So about after a week after I moved home I was sent to find a job! Much to my dismay.

I decided to leave the job search at home and went to California for the first time with Emily and Kristin! We had a rockin' time!!! I loved it there, and if there would have been a few more potato farms I might be able to call it home. But the big city life was a little stressful for a country girl like myself. Awesome road trip though for sure. Sea world was bomb!!!

I had only been on my trip a couple days when I got a call from a salon in Blackfoot offering me a job!! It was crazy how fast it all happened! I graciously accepted the offer and started working the week I got home! I love it there and am excited to be doing hair!!

Other than that life has been chill. Like always! I love it that way ;).

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Congrats Daniel!!!!

For the last couple months my family has been preparing for Daniel's wedding! After months of stress and pulling of hairs, the event finally happened! November 14th, 2009 Daniel Robert Allen married Melissa Fay Mazza! With light snowflakes falling, I waited impatiently outside for them to come out of the Idaho Falls temple. IT WAS FREEZING!! (There is no way that I will EVER get married in the winter) Anyway, the happy couple made their way outside! I have never seen a bigger smile on my brothers face. He was so happy! I'm so proud of him! It was so awesome to know that he could be this happy for eternity, not just a moment. It will last forever! He's amazing and I'm so excited to see where the road of life will take him now! Someday (a very long time down the road) I hope I marry someone like my brothers! He has some pretty big shoes to fill. Haha good luck in advance!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

LoVe iT!!

This may not be my typical blog posting. It could possibly be so boring to some people and mean absolutely nothing at all. However, I'm writing about something that is extremely important to me. In fact, it's the most important thing in my life.
I feel like I've never had a hard time gaining a testimony of the Gospel. It has always been something that has been there for me and I never once doubted it. I always knew it was true, and I always knew it was right. I feel like as I got older and started to build my testimony it never wavered, it only got stronger. I was so blessed in the fact that I was never without the gospel. It's always been there.
This last year away from home has been a difficult one. Not that I would trade it, because I wouldn't, it's been absolutely amazing. I've just realized a lot about myself, and how important the Gospel really is in my life. Like I said before not once have I doubted, but I have struggled. I struggle in the fact that I know I'm weak, but I know God is strong and that sometimes he asks a lot from a weak person. Sometimes I feel like the task at hand is much to great for someone like me to handle, but then I get the answer that the Lord is there, holding my hand the whole way.
I'm so very grateful for prayer. Life is hard. Sometimes its hard to walk the road less traveled and it seems so easy to just chill out, but it's at those times when I pray, I get answers that are amazing and I know I'm ok if I just keep going. The best feeling in the world is the one I get when I'm on my knees! I know that prayers are answered and I'm so thankful I can pray and receive answers whenever I need it!
I love the scriptures. I think the saying "When you want to talk to God you pray. When you want him to talk to you, read your scriptures!" is so true!! I've found so many answers to so many questions. I love them, I know they're true. There isn't a doubt in my mind that they are 100% correct and have the answers I need in them.
I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life and I'm putting my future in Gods hands. When my life is over I want to be able to kneel at the Savior's feet and hear him say, "well done"when he sees who I've become. He knows all of my fears and all that I have to learn but he also can see the person I'll be when faithfully I return to him. I love the gospel... I don't want people to wonder where I stand. So here it is, plain and simple. It's my life, and it's always going to be!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

American Idol!

I was debating for awhile if I really wanted to write about this. Obviously, I decided I should, maybe someone can learn from my crazy story.

To start this adventure off I have to go back a month before it actually happened. I had just had surgery. I know, another one. Such great luck I have!! All I can say is Gal bladders...suck. Anyway, it seems as though when I get really sick, which does happen, I discover something I need to do with my life. For example- Appendix out was the kicker to graduate early, Meningitis number one- I decided to go to hair school, Tearing the meniscus in my knee- the finisher to a relationship, Meningitis number two- worked my butt off to sell enough retail to earn a trip to a hair show in Vegas..... Gal bladder....American Idol.

I was in Blackfoot recovering from my wonderful surgery when my friend called and asked if I'd heard the new Kris Allen song. I listened to it and fell in love! It's so amazing! For some crazy reason Kris Allen makes me think of American Idol. Weird, I know. I found myself looking on the American Idol website to see if they were coming to Salt Lake City again. With the awesome luck I have, they weren't. The closet place I could go was Denver, Colorado! I decided to go. In two seconds I had made up my mind. I called my mom and she was ecstatic! She wanted to take me and be by my side the whole way! Everything just fell into place.

We left for Denver on the 11th of July. Can I just say Wyoming is the most boring state to drive through in the planet!! Anyway, 12 long hours later, we were there! My mom and I were so extremely tired and had to get up at 4 in the AM the next morning to start standing in line. I only had to register the first day, no singing at all, but the place was PACKED!! We got there before the line even started and we still ended up freaking far back. We sat, and waited, and waited a lot longer, my mom even had time to take a pretty long nap. 5 hours later.... I registered. They told me what time I had to be back for auditions, gave me a song to learn that I would have to sing in a group, and gave me a beautiful orange wristband so they knew I was legit on audition day.

After registration we had a couple days to chill in Denver, see the sights, and sleep. My mom took me to the worlds largest flea market. Wow. Different breed of people at those things. It was so fun, just crazy! I got some sweet jewelry and my mom and I giggled at all the people. Our hotel was in the middle of downtown so we were really close to a lot of shopping places, and who could forget being able to see Coors Stadium from our hotel room! Go Rockies! It was so much fun just being able to be with my mom. I had so much fun!

Audition day finally rolled around and surprisingly I wasn't nervous at all. We woke up at 3:30... stood in line again until about 8 and then we were in Invesco Stadium sitting in the stands...waiting for our chance to prove what we had. They explained how everything was going to work. There were 12 tents. Each tent would have 2-3 producers, 4 people would be assigned to a tent. They didn't want you to introduce yourself, or say what your song was, they didn't want you to talk at all. They would tell you to step forward, you would sing, they would tell you to stop and you would step back and the next person would step forward. Then when you all were done they would talk it over and tell you if anyone was going to the next round. Out of the 3000 people there only 300 would make it on. Kinda nerve racking.

After waiting for a couple hours it was finally my turn! They gave my group a tent number, and we all went to give it all we had. There was still a group in front of us that hadn't finished singing when we got there. The people were SO good, but no one got a ticket. No one. It was finally my groups turn and we all stepped forward. I made eye contact with the producer and she smiled. It was then I had this overwhelming feeling that if I sang the song I had planned on singing, I would make it, and I would make it far. I have never had such an overwhelming feeling in my life. I was ecstatic, then I looked at the producer again. She waved me forward and in a split second I knew, that I could make it, but I wasn't suppose to be there. I knew there were things in my life, big things, I had to do and this wasn't it. The Lord had a different plan for me. But he gave me the choice.

I blew the audition. I sang a different song, I made sure it was pitchy, it wasn't anything amazing at all. Then I stepped back. The producers talked and after a long pause they told us no one in our group would be getting a ticket. Everyone was devastated, but me. I was so happy but I didn't understand why. I had just thrown away the biggest dream I have ever had for my life. It was so close and I blew it, but I was totally ok with it. On my way out the producer grabbed my arm and told me to please come back next year, but it wasn't even important to me anymore.

I got back to my mom and she gave me a hug, expecting me to be upset. She told me we would for sure try again next year... The hardest part of the whole thing was telling my mom. I knew she would be so supportive, but I didn't want to let her down. I told her what happened and with tears in her eyes she gave me a hug, and told me she had never been prouder. Everything was worth it.

I still don't know what is so important in my life that I have to do. I often wish I could go back and do it right. Then I realize around the corner there is something better, I just have to wait. I've decided it's really easy to say choose the right, and do the right thing when it's blatantly obvious what the right choice is. It's hard when the right choice isn't at all what you want. It can be hard to live with that choice. I'm so glad I went and did what I did. I learned so much. I'm so much more today than I was yesterday, and tomorrow I'll be more than I am...but there is so much more God needs me to become :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Save the bird!!!!!

I recently spent a day with my grandmother and after a day full of interesting events I decided I had to share a story on something only Elle Hill would do!

The day started off when Sarah called and asked if I would go to Idaho Falls with her. She was babysitting one of Steve's cousins and didn't want to leave the baby in the car alone when she stopped to make deliveries for Frank. I told her I would go mostly because little Evangeline is adorable and I couldn't say no to her cute little face. So we made the trek to the great city of Idaho Falls.

We decided after all the deliveries were made that we were kind of hungry. Neither of us having any money decided we would go to Grandma Elle's and she would for sure take us somewhere to eat. We were right. After lunch our Granny then decided she wanted to buy us all new dresses for spring. Who could pass up an offer like that?! So we started towards the mall.

It was on our way to the mall when my grandmas car went over a bird in the middle of the road. (She didn't hit it, the car simply went over it.) She then turned to Sarah and me and said, " Oh no, that little bird is hurt, someone is going to hit it!" Sarah and I exchanged looks and simply replied that it was the circle of life and it happened many, many times a day. My grandma wouldn't have any of this. So, on Hitt road she pulled her car over got out, and started walking toward this hurt pigeon. She then proceeded to stop traffic, not worrying about the cars beginning to pile up. She proceeded to pick up the bird, walk back to the car and get in, holding it the whole time in her lap.

We freaked. We tried to have her throw it in the field or in someones yard, but she wouldn't have any of that, "The bird is one of God's creatures girls, we have to take it somewhere that will fix her broken wing." Having her grandchildren in the car nevertheless someone elses baby didn't matter, we could live with bird flu!

We proceeded to drive around Idaho Falls looking for an animal shelter for a good half hour while the bird slept in my grandmothers arms. When she opened the car door to take the dumb bird in the shelter it freaked and decided it's wing, really wasn't broken. It flew around her car until finally she caught it. Everyone besides my grandmother was worried about it clawing the babies eyes out, but this didn't worry grandma.

She took the bird into the shelter and I can only imagine the looks they gave her. The told her they would call the bird lady and she would come make sure this cute little pigeon would soon again fly. Sarah and I know that they just waited until her car drove away and then they threw it away. Oh the days with grandma!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Whoa, How do I sleep?!?

Wow! Time flies!! I can't believe it's been so long since I've done this. It seems to me that every year gets faster and faster, I can't believe it's April!!
My life has been pretty busy the last few months. I went to Vegas the end of February for a Paul Mitchell hair show and it was AMAZING!! I met some awesome people and learned a whole heck of a lot. I learned some mad skills from the best in the hair industry including; Stephanie Kachoski, Angus Mitchell, Noogie Tye, Kevin Michaels, Dave Holland, Scott Cole, Takoshi, Winn Claybaugh...just to name a few. And All I have to say is Dave Holland and Angus Mitchell are major hotties. I was grateful to be in the presence of such beautiful men! Anyways to sum it up Vegas=Amazing. At least for the hair show. I'm not sure I would want to go there for anything but a hair wasn't for me...but that's another story!!

Angus and I (pictured to the right) had a wonderful meeting. I was looking at his wicked sweet cutting combs when he came up behind me and asked if I liked them. I said..."Yeah, they're tight!" Then I turned around and it was him! Love at first sight!! I kinda freaked inside and stumbled over my words before asking if I could please have a picture! He said Oh yeah for sure and my heart melted. He put his arm around me and pulled me in tight as Alissa snapped the picture! I stood there for a minute taking in deep breaths to smell his amazing cologne. I knew we had a moment. And I think Kelsey Mitchell sounds rather cute :)

I had met Dave Holland before. He came into the school to teach us and he has been a huge mentor since then. When I saw him at Caper I knew I had to chat with this amazing stylist. We exchanged emails and he told me to contact him anytime with any questions. I have since emailed him and he is always quick to respond. He is so amazing and so very nice. I really do love Dave Holland.

I turned the big one-eight in March! (That's 18 for all of you who didn't catch that one) It was pretty sweet. I can now buy dry ice and spray paint. I haven't...but I could if I wanted to. It's kinda weird knowing I've been on my own going to college for almost a year and NOW because of a number I'm an adult. Kinda crazy! But if you need me to go buy you some NyQuil because your sick. Give me a ring...because I can!!
For my wonderful birthday I was blessed with very wonderful gifts! I decided I have to greatest mom in the history of the world. No joke! I told my mom one day way back when that I loved the Lava cakes from Olive Garden with the white chocolate sauce and the strawberries. (It's a must if you haven't had it) Anyways she went and got 12 count it TWELVE of them from Olive Garden just for my birthday!!! Isn't that the cutest thing ever!! And because it was Daniels birthday too...she made him a cake. (obviously I'm the favorite) Now you would think that little dessert on it's own would be good enough, right? No. My mom then surprised me with two David Archuleta tickets!! Ahh man it was a great day!! And of coarse I can't forget the WWC action figures chris got me, the hoddie from Hollister from Daniel, and who could forget a Yankees key chain from Jon. It was sooo great!! I Love LoVe LOVE my family!!!
And if your wondering...Texas Road house has rockin birthday brownies!!

Speaking of the David Archuleta concert! That was AWESOME!!! I decided after much debate to take my sister Sarah because she's married and does NOTHING and I love her and knew we would have tons of fun! And we did!! Our seats? Of lets just say dead center....row number...six....thats right 6!!! We were so close. Want to know something else rockin. All the girls in front of us...not kidding were like 10 so it was like we were in row numero uno. I could see the sweat on his face. I kinda felt like I was at some Spice Girls concert with all the little girls that were there but what can I do. I thought it was funny when people asked me the next day if he was any good live. HELLO HOMIES! He placed 2nd on American Idol. Pretty sure he was freaking amazing!! It was so good I was thankful for the opportunity to go. (Thanks mom and Frank)

School is going...well....good. I made design team which rocks!! I'm stoked to get doing that. But I recently took a month off and won't be back until the 12th. I love doing hair and I love meeting new people. But I don't love beauty school girl drama. I needed a little time off so I could chill and possibly sleep in ;) I'll be done the end of October which is longer than I thought but I'm cool with it. Rexburg isn't so bad after all. However, I love being home and eating all my moms amazing home cooked meals. It's great!

My Canadian family has finally decided to join us in the states!! They moved down to Blackfoot last week and are chillen at my moms until they find a house. They are very excited for the new journey and we are SOO excited to have them here!

I'm in the play Cinderella in Blackfoot. Kinda crazy, this is totally something out of my bubble. But I'm growing and learning a lot. Oh and my part? I'm Cinderella!! My prince being my good high school friend Chaston Ellis. Kinda weird. But kinda fun. It's something new and I love the dress I get to wear so life is good! Should be fun!! Come see it if you need a good laugh. It is sure to bring a few :)